Ashton provides the following:

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Emcee/Host

  • Panelist

  • Moderator

  • Speech Coaching

  • Workshop Facilitator

  • Storytelling Coaching

  • Consulting


Ashton can create and deliver custom content that caters to your respective needs. Below are topics he regularly speaks about, including, but not limited to:

Living in Your Purpose

  • Defining your personal mission, vision and purpose (MVP)

  • The importance of discovering and keeping your joy and happiness

  • Finding your passion

  • Living in alignment with your purpose

  • How to live a well-balanced life

  • The value of living in the moment

  • Understanding the value of prioritization

Living Your Best Life

  • Top 10 tips to living your best life

  • How to avoid sabotaging success

  • Supporters vs. detractors

  • The importance of being unapologetically you


  • Ashton’s journey to entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship

  • Entrepreneurs vs. wantapreneurs

  • Success, significance and excellence

  • How to be a trailblazer on your path to success

  • Sharpening your strengths while honing your weaknesses

  • Leveraging innovation as a competitive advantage


  • Leadership 101

  • Action steps to becoming a great leader

  • Leaders vs. Managers

  • Keys to influencing others

  • Qualities that define a great leader

  • Leadership styles

  • Think like a leader

  • Leading with values

  • Developing your leadership legacy

The Power of Persistence

  • Passion, perseverance, resilience and grit

  • Opening closed doors

  • Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

  • If you want to be successful, prepare to be doubted and tested

  • Success is a series of small wins

Effective Communication

  • The power of storytelling

  • Conquering your fear of public speaking

  • Why effective communication is important, valuable and influential

  • How effective communication can propel you to the top

  • Qualities of great communicators

Multi-Generational Workforce Management

  • 10 tips to managing millennials in the workplace

  • Ending the millennial/manager relationship feud

  • Understanding different generations

  • Engaging a disconnected multi-generational workforce

Personal Branding and Networking

  • Branding 101

  • How to develop your personal brand and branding story

  • How to repair a damaged brand

  • How to become a great networker

  • Maintaining your network